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Token power your web3 community

Recruit, reward and engage your community via the VillageDAO ecosystem.
Elevate members of your community to assist your support operations.

Your users with questions are channeled to Experts on the Village chat platform
Illustration of someone asking a village dao expert a question

Your community members can answer user questions on your behalf for rewards

Illustration of the expert's application, where they answer questionsIllustration of the Expert's rank

Experts are ranked according to their reputation. Better answers drive a better reputation

Illustration of the Current Season being funded with Ethereum
Brands deposit tokens monthly to incentivize Expert contributions

Designed for DAOs, dapps, NFT communities, and protocols

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Illustration showing how to set up  once and run seasons repeatedly

How it works for brands

Checkmark illustration

Your community members apply to represent you. You attest members through VillageDAO

Exit discord logo

Route your confused users to your brand space in the Village Chat platform

Ethereum logo illustration

Fund your communities’ reward pool

Question mark illustration

Conversations happen on the platform, overseen by you

Winning cup illustration

Experts achieve rank and get rewarded accordingly


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Learn more about how VillageDAO works for Experts and how to join us.

Why VillageDAO?

Open door illustration

Attest trusted members of your community to become experts and answer questions on your behalf

Houses multiplying illustration

Grow your support rewards and experts with the growth of your product

Stadium illustration

Align incentives to engage your community

Illustration of houses

Reward and encourage your community members doing the hard work of helping members

Pantheon building illustration

As a web3 native organisation, VillageDAO values decentralised governance